Assault Hand Paddle - ORANGE

Assault Hand Paddle - ORANGE
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Product Description

Color: "Hi-Vis Orange" for safety!

**ALL hand paddles come with black foam hand grip and wrist lanyard**

ASSAULT Hand Paddles patented “hook and teeth” blade design reflect Backwater Paddle Company’s resolve for kayak fishing, shallow water mobility and stealth.

The Assault Hand Paddles were designed for the "sit-in" and "sit-on-top" kayaks, canoes or SUP paddle sportsmen. These lightweight and compact hand paddles have revolutionized paddle sportsmen’s stealth and mobility! These innovative hand paddles allow ultimate maneuverability while continuing to fish or hunt.

• 22” long by 6” wide

• Weighs 12 ounces and floats!

• 100% guaranteed against breakage

Made from a 10% fiberglass infused polypropylene plastic, with a UV additive. This ensures these hand paddles are strong, durable and will last a lifetime.

It requires two hands to use your kayak paddles, no matter how light the paddle.

You HAVE to put down your fishing rod, camera or hunting gear to paddle.

With the ASSAULT Hand Paddle, you can move your boat stealthily with ONE hand! You never have to put down your fishing rod, camera or other gear to maneuver your boat. Stay on target.

"The most versatile paddles ever designed!"

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